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Walking Between Two Worlds and Lifting the Veil

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Spirit Matters,

Gateways to Healing and Higher Consciousness

Are you on a spiritual path? Do you sometimes struggle to stay focused and on track? If so you may find some helpful suggestions and guidance within this book such as:

  • To be in right relation with mind, body and spirit we need to see ourselves as connected to everyone and all things.

  • Being spiritual is about encompassing the full spectrum that life has to offer while honouring the body as the sacred vehicle that it is.

  • The pursuit of happiness through acquiring more of everything can quickly fade with the realisation that things don’t make us truly happy.

Being on a spiritual path takes dedication and the desire to know the inner depths of who we are. It isn’t easy to stay focused, balanced and on track when life continues to bring challenges that require us to use our higher consciousness if we are to move beyond our conditioned responses.

You are not alone in your struggles there are many of us waking up to the fact that we are more than we ever thought possible. Spirit Matters, Gateways to Healing and Higher Dimensions offers you the opportunity to look deep within and decide how you can connect with the spiritual dimensions and the loving guides and teachers that are there to help.